Time table

TIME TABLE 2019 follows

Below time table is updated on 24 January 2018.
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Time table

10:00-12:30 time Category race type
Heat 1 10.00h HV30+, HV40+ en HV50+ 20min
Heat 2 10.30h M60+, LM40+, LM50+, W30+, W50+, LW30+, LW50+ 20min
Heat 3 11.10h B, HCL, LDB, DCL 20min
Heat 4 11.50h Comp JM16, Comp JM18, DTA, HLTA, DLTA 10 min 10 min
Heat 5 12.10h Competition JW16 10 min

*Weighing is open between 2 to 1 hour before race time.

12:30-15:00 time Category race type
Heat 6 12.30h Junior JW16 20 min
Heat 7 13.00h Junior JM16 20min
Heat 8 13.40h JW 18, HLTA, DLTA 20 min 20min
Heat 9 14.10h Junior JW 18 20 min
Heat 10 14.40h Junior JM 18 20min