RULES (update january 2019)

Being a rowing competition, the Ergometer competition falls under the official Rules of Rowing. We therefore refer to these rules, except where the regulations underneath state otherwise.


  • Rowing on the rowing machines provided by the organization: the Concept II, model D.
  • You are free to adjust the wind resistance to your preference, however during the race you are not allowed to change this setting.
  • All races are 20 minutes long (excluding junior competition (10 minutes). The results are solely based on the distance covered in that time. For categories SA, LSA, SB, LSB, WSA, LWSA, WSB, LWSB and Junior M/W 18, the races are 6000 meters and the time  will be used for the results.
  • The following maximum weights apply for the lightweight categories: male: 75 kilos (11.8 stone), female: 61.5 kilos (9.7 stone)
  • In case of only a few entries, categories may be joined together in the masters competition. Upon request, more masters category divisions can be added.
  • The shortened starting procedure will be used. Rowers who start too early may get penalty seconds up to a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • In case of a machine breaking down in the first 15 seconds of the race, the contestant may start again, subject to the discretion of the jury.
  • Prize giving will be per category, and will take place as soon as possible after the last contestant in that category has finished rowing or by planning of the organization.
  • Contestants are expected to row in their official club outfit.

Rules on prize money for world records

  1. A contestant in the 22th Amsterdam World Ergohead who breaks the world record on 6000 metres ergometer rowing, will receive prize money of € 1000,-. The world records are as indicated by the organisation and posted on the website under the link of the regatta world records.
  2. For each category, the price money will be only given once. This means that in case of two competitors beating the current world record, the money will go to the person who has rowed the fastest time over 6000 meters as indicated on the website.
  3. The maximum prize money given to a contestant is €1000,-.
  4. Prize money for beating the world record (as indicated on the website) is given in the following categories: Male Heavyweight, Female Heavyweight, Male Lightweight, Female Lightweight.
  5. A contestant that has proven in a proper way to be a lightweight rower will compete for the prize money in the lightweight category to beat the record as indicated on the website.

Medical recommendation
If you are not feeling well on the day before or on the race day  or if you recently have been sick, we recommend not to join the competition.  Indoor races demand the maximum of one’s ability and the organization takes no responsibility for illness or injury as a result of this. If you have any doubts, ask for medical advice before starting.