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AMSTERDAM - Last Sunday (January 19, 2014) was the 17th time Amsterdam World Ergohead, an indoor rowing event at the Science Park in Amsterdam. This World Cup tickets for the Paralympic athletes were at stake, Roel Braas won 1000 euros prize money for a new record, and the junior rowers were given a medal by the National coach (Ronald Florijn).

The Amsterdam World Ergohead is an indoor rowing event at rowing machines 20 minutes. Competitions were at all levels, from beginners to experienced rowers, including the Dutch rowing top.

This year brought special attention to the Paralympic rowers All participants could generate money for the foundation to finance Paralympic Rowing (PAR) so that athletes can get extra support to visit practices and (inter)national events.

The races were exciting since the winners could get World Cup tickets. Agmaja Kolman was the winner in the category TA (trunk, arms). Mr Corne de Koning came second with only nine meters behind Tim de Vries.

The rowers from the National teams were not all present but Roel Braas showed his best performance. He managed to row 6468 meter in 20 minutes. He broke his own world record from last year by 20 meters and earned 1000 euros prize money. Steffen Bonde from the Danish team came up with exactly 6176 meters 20 meters short to break his current record. He was almost beaten by the Dutch rower Tycho Muda.

Most participants were in the junior categories, from 14 to 18 years old. The winners below 16 years came both from the club ‘t Spaarne (Haarlem). Bram Schwarz (boys) rowed 5723 meters and while Fenna Verberne (girls) rowed 5032 meters. In boys age class below 18 years Maarten Hurkmans (5945 meters), member of Hemus, Amersfoort (NL). A topscore of the day was Laila Youssifou from Delft (rowingclub Laga), who won girls medal below 18 years . With a score of 5464 meters (a stunning average of 1:49,7) she broke the old record by over 100 meters.

The event is internationally well-known. Participants in this edition came from The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain and Denmark. Steffen Bonde (Denmark) is still the current world record in the men's lightweight (under 72 kilos). Tycho Muda (NED) is one of the twin brothers Muda, who were at the London Olympics for the Netherlands. They are currently part of the Aegon National rowing team. Their teammate is former Dutch Olympian Roel Braas who participated several times in this event and improved his record year by year.

The Amsterdam World Ergohead is a measuring point in the winter, together with the 2K race (NK Indoor Rowing). In spring and summer, most rowers will find their way to water, some will stay in the gyms. The rowing machines are also used for preparation for the world rowing championships in August. This year at the Bosbaan in Amsterdam. Former participants in this competition were international successful rowers, such as Akos Haller (HUN), Juliane Elander (DEN), Filippo Manucci (ITA), Mads Rasmussen (DEN), and Dutch (NED) rowers as Hurnett Dekkers , Michiel Bartman, Maritvan Eupen, Matthijs Vellenga and Gerard van der Linden, Sjoerd Hamburger, Geert -Jan Derksen and Roel Braas.


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